3200 South / U.S. 91 

Intersection Improvement Project





The formal comment period for the state environmental study is closed.

           3200 S. Intersection

Design Phase

UDOT has allocated funding for the design and construction phases of this project. The proposed project will realign 3200 S to connect with 3000 S at a new signalized intersection, as shown above. This alignment has been identified as the preferred alignment after numerous meetings between UDOT and the local governments, as well as public input.
•  Complete Design Phase: 2021
•  Public Hearing on Final Design: August 25, 2021
•  Advertise for construction: Early 2022
•  Begin Construction Spring/Summer 2022
•  Complete Construction Fall 2022

Stay Informed
We need your contact information. It is very helpful if we are able to reach out to you with any concerns
as we design this project. We also want to keep you updated about major milestones as the engineers move forward with the design. Please reach out to us and provide your address, phone number, and email Information. This information will not be shared outside of our project team.

Jacques & Associates is the Public Information Firm that will provide information and outreach services to assist landowners by keeping you informed about the project and working to provide you with answers to your questions.

Contact Us
Public Information Team
Hotline: 1-800-970-4843
E-mail: 3200Sintersection@utah.gov

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Watch the June 24th, 2020 Virtual Open House

3200 S Intersection Open House

3200 S Intersection Open House

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